3rd PERMIT General Assembly

On 7 July, the PERMIT consortium met for its third General Assembly, to go over the achievements conducted over the past 6 months, and to discuss the activities for the next semester. In total nine different working sessions, focus groups and stakeholder consultations were held between February and July within work packages 3 to 6. The work package leaders presented the most relevant findings of these sessions, where they exchanged with consortium members and external experts on the gaps identified through the series of scoping reviews from the first year of the PERMIT project. The project continues to move forward but has faced the important hurdle of shifting all workshops and working sessions online. Although this has allowed WP leaders to reach a broad number of experts, it has also proved to be challenging, as lengthy discussions must be condensed and informal exchanges must be transformed into structured discussions. Efforts in the next semester will be focused on drafting and validating the recommendations.