3rd PERMIT General Assembly
July 21, 2021

On 7 July, the PERMIT consortium met for its third General Assembly, to go over the achievements conducted over the past 6 months, and to discuss the activities for the next semester. In total nine different working sessions, focus groups and stakeholder consultations were held between February and July within work packages 3 to 6. 

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Regulatory gaps in the personalised medicine pipeline
July 15, 2021

On 12 July, the PERMIT project held an online working session to discuss the regulatory gaps in the personalised medicine research pipeline. Gathering over 30 participants from within and beyond the PERMIT consortium, the session focused on the gaps and questions identified through the scoping reviews and consultation exercises. 

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Study designs for clinical trials applied to personalised medicine
July 12, 2021

In July, PERMIT WP6 hosted two working sessions mainly focused on three specific trial designs commonly used in the field of personalised medicine (platform, umbrella and basket design). Experts in the field discussed how these three complex trial designs can be used for the development of personalised medicine, their advantages, and their disadvantages. 

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Translational development phase in personalised medicine a focus group on in silico preclinical models
June 11, 2021

Shortly after the successful focus group to explore the industry perspective on preclinical research, the second working session on June 1st assessing the translational development phase looked at in silico models for personalised medicine. During this second meeting, the group, composed of five experts from the field, explored some common bottlenecks and potential solutions. The importance of high-quality data collection and sharing was debated, as well as the relevance of model validation for ensuring reliable results and regulation-related issues.

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How many patients does it take to build a robust stratification cohort?
March 30, 2021

No generic approach for sample size estimation can be made in personalised medicine when designing a stratification cohort. The conclusion is drawn from the first stakeholder consultation by the PERMIT project which looked to identify approaches to estimate the number of patients needed to be included in a cohort for different types of stratification studies using machine learning.

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2nd PERMIT General Assembly
January 18, 2021

The PERMIT Project held its second General Assembly meeting on the 15th of January 2021. All consortium members gathered to share the milestones and achievements of the first year, focusing on the outcomes of the scoping review of PM methodologies. During the meeting, the work plan for 2021 was also presented and discussed.

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PERMIT project holds Gap Analysis Workshop
December 11, 2020

On December 1 and 2, 2020 the PERMIT project held its Gap Analysis Workshop. This important milestone of the project corresponds to the final phase of the scoping review process that was carried out in the first year of the project, under the lead of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research. Representatives from all consortium members participated in the workshop, as well as representatives of the EMA, EUnetHTA and the CTFG, who are associated partners of the PERMIT project.

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