WP3: Design of Stratification & Validation Cohorts, Data Quality


Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu (PSSJD) 


WP3 aims to establish methodological guidelines for the design of stratification and validation cohorts, while ensuring the quality of data. 

Description of work:

WP3 will build on the results of the WP2 literature and gap analysis on stratification and validation cohorts and propose methodological guidelines to minimise bias and improve robustness in patient stratification studies. The issues of sample size and statistical power, the nature and amount of data collected per patient, and the robustness and reliability of the data will be addressed. 

A workshop will be organised to invite methodology experts and stakeholder representatives to discuss a draft guidance document making recommendations on the design and conduct of stratification and validation cohorts. This guidance will draw on the literature review and gap analysis produced by WP2.