WP7: Dissemination & Implementation




  • Disseminate project deliverables such as a series of articles in the scientific literature 
  • Prepare a webinar training programme based on this material 
  • Foster implementation through policies defined by funding agencies, HTAs, medicines agencies, ethics committees, patients, health industry, and all the stakeholders involved

Description of work:

This work package will develop and implement a communications strategy (including definition of targets, key messages, and communications channels and timelines); develop and maintain the PERMIT website; and oversee publication and training activities. 

In regards to publications, it is the goal that all PERMIT recommendations, guidelines and standards be published as scientific papers in medical and scientific journals (for this purpose, WP7 will define content and authorship in the communications strategy). 

Training materials will be developed based on the deliverables and articles produced by the PERMIT project. The aim is to support shorting training courses through webinars and, when appropriate, face-to-face sessions.